Go Green

At Delivery Bistro, we are just as committed to using recyclable materials in all of our packaging as we are to sourcing locally. Learn more about how to recycle your packaging with these tutorials.


Our corrugated boxes are made with eco-friendly, recycled materials and sourced locally.

Dispose of your boxes by folding them up and placing them curbside or breaking them down in your compost.

Insulated Liners

Our insulated liners are made with leakproof, recycled materials and are guaranteed to insulate your kits for up to 24 hours.

Dispose of liners by folding them up and placing them curbside.

Clam Shell Containers

Our clam shells are made with eco-friendly, recyclable plastics.

Dispose of your clam shell containers by flattening them and placing them curbside.

Bottles, Jars, & Bags

Our bottles, containers, and jars are made of recyclable polyethylene terephthalate or glass, and our produce and zip lock ingredient bags are made with recycled plastic or paper.

Dispose of your bottles, jars, and bags by placing them curbside.

Paper Products

Our paper recipe cards, marketing materials, and ingredient labels are sourced locally, made with eco-friendly papers, and are 100% recyclable.

Although we recommend keeping them for future use or giving them to a friend, you can dispose of paper products by placing them curbside. 

Ice Packs

Our frozen water bottles, shipped with our Eau Claire and Altoona deliveries, are usable. Our gel ice packs, shipped with all other deliveries, are filled with non-toxic gel refrigerant and wrapped in a recyclable plastic pouch.

Keep and use your water bootles, and dispose of your gel ice packs by cutting them open, pouring the filling down your toilet, and placing the plastic pouches curbside.

Have questions or new packaging ideas? Contact our Customer Service Team here.

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