Our mission is to create a more

Sustainable Food System in the Midwest

by delivering locally-sourced meal kits to every home

Our Story

In 2015, Steve Dye found himself frustrated at the amount of time he was spending meal planning and searching for ingredients at the store, instead of being with his family. Over the next year, he tested meal kit after meal kit in hopes that it would save him time, but he soon realized that while he loved the convenience of meal kits, he didn’t love having food shipped across the country when he could be supporting local farmers in his area. A few weeks later, he founded Delivery Bistro, the Midwest’s locally-sourced meal kit service, and assembled a small team to bring his vision to life.

Since its official launch in April 2017, Delivery Bistro has moved from a small office and test kitchen in Banbury Place to its own storefront in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin, created and tested hundreds of delicious recipes, sourced ingredients from 50+ local vendors, and delivered thousands of meal kits to hungry home chefs all over the Midwest.

We’re thrilled to be invited into so many kitchens each week, and we hope to keep delivering the highest quality meal kits we can in order to support our amazing local vendors.

Our Mission

Since our launch last year, we’ve made every effort to become one of the best meal kit delivery services on the market. We do so by:
  • Sourcing our ingredients locally so you know your food is coming from vetted vendors right here in our area that you can trust
  • Inspecting each and every ingredient to ensure they are high-quality and fresh before packaging your meal kits
  • Sending only the most beautiful, local meat cuts sourced from our vendors in Wisconsin
  • Offering more flexible plans with a larger menu and the option of 1-7 meals per delivery starting at half the price of other meal kit services
  • Delivering Eau Claire and Altoona meal kits in reusable insulated bags to reduce waste
  • Striving to have excellent customer service if there’s ever a packaging issue or question from our customers

Our Team

Meet the hard-working team behind your meal kits! Our team works day in and day out to deliver incredible meal kits to your door.

Steve Dye


Kendall Williams

Creative Director & Marketing Manager

Eileen Peterson

Packaging Director & Head Chef

Becky Washburn

Packaging Team Member & Delivery Driver

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Delivery Bistro is the Chippewa Valley’s new locally-sourced meal kit delivery service.

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